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Vinyl "SID Chip Club" LIMITED + SIGNED

First issue, the extremely rare last remaining serials from the kickstarter campaign, #46 - #50, are now up for sale.



  • Signed Vinyl record, special pressing (~160g, yellow + black splatter)
  • Digital download  (MP3 mastered and unmastered, FLAC, many remixes, and D64 music disk)
  • Please note that we'll peel off a corner of the shrink wrap for signing it.
  • Serials will be handed out in the order first come, first served.

Vinyl Tracklist:

A1 Age We Aceeed

A2 Mo's Techno Logy

A3 Deep Kiss

A4 Amazing Discoveries

B1 La Mer

B2 Hazy Shack

B3 Venus Falling

B4 Microgroove

Item No: 54296
45.00 EUR

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