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Giana Sisters DS

Released by Rapture & LMan

This is a remake of the beautiful title tune from Giana Sisters for the Nintendo DS, released 2009. The tune was composed and arranged by Fabian del Priore aka Rapture, and is itself a cover of Chris Hülsbeck's original Giana Sisters Title Theme.


I contacted Rapture about my intent to recreate the tune on a stock c64. He liked the idea and kindly provided the original audio source files. My challenge was to port every little detail from the original and make it fit the limits given by the c64's hardware.


To have some pretty visuals to go with the sound, I hand-pixelled this screen in Gimp and Pixcen, based on Alex "Pikomi" Pierschel's original artwork. The graphics mode is regular hires.


The music engine was coded by THCM, with the SID part done in CheeseCutter, and the sample part in OpenMPT.


Black Forest Games, who are the subsequent operators of Armin Gessert's legacy, kindly gave permission to release this tune. Thank you for that!! All rights to Giana Sisters are reserved by Black Forest Games.


Hope you enjoy it! 😊



Giana Sisters DS by Rapture and LMan


Rapture & LMan - Giana Sisters DS


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06/04/2017 20:53
Really nice - great graphics, great sound. Thanks a lot.

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