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Milk & Honey

Released by LMan / MultiStyle Labs

An experimental chillouty track for laid back sunday mornings.

Runs on a factory Commodore 64 with the 8580 SID chip. Made with CheeseCutter, 4x multispeed, no samples.

Composed & released 2016 for the Nonstandard Time Signature Compo at CSDb.




Milk And Honey Screenshot


Recorded from a real c64 by Xiny6581

LMan - Milk and Honey


Recording from a real C64 by Xiny6581

Recording from a real C64 by Future Technologies


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Clemens Ratte-Polle
03/04/2016 19:35
great song! :D

Markus Klein
03/04/2016 20:45
Many thanks

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