Colored pencil drawing

A4 (8 x 12 inches)

Ref photo by Andreas Wallström

Holy shit!! Check out what Markus did to my photo of Felicia ten Heggeler. Peeps, it's all hand drawn! You're such a star Markus. Thanks for this! Felicia is delighted too. - Andreas Wallström

Photographer and graphic designer.


07/03/2013 11:31
Holy shit triffts gut. Wundervolle Augen und Farben, besonders die Haut beeindruckt mich - mal wieder. Du solltest Deine Hände versichern lassen ;)

Anne Horst
10/03/2013 22:34
Just amazing, the way you use those colours! and those eyes!! breathtaking!

Markus Klein
11/03/2013 09:08
Thank you very much, Anne and Marc!

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