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Pixeated Neon Nights

Pixelated Neon Nights

8 June 2023

Winning tune of the Best Music competition at the c64 world championships, which is the X-2023 party in the netherlands.

Sid Chip Club Section Home

Album: SID Chip Club

C64 club sounds on vinyl or cartridge.

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My gallery features concept art, magazine covers, and photorealistic colored pencil portraits.

LMan feat. Sunflower - Summer Of Love (Aperol Mix)

Summer of Love (Aperol Mix)

17 August 2022

Remix of my 2016 Amiga Protracker module, made per special request for my lovely wife Natascha Sunflower Klein.❤️


Ranked #6 at Evoke 2022 mp3 music competition.

Evokeosaurus Rex

Evokeosaurus Rex

7 August 2022

Evoke 2022 Tracked Music Competition

2nd place! Dedicated to Erwin Tron Beekveld.


This is an impulse tracker module, 139 kb size. Based on the brilliant 2004 xm Kings of Evoke by reed. The competition rules specified that only the unmodified original samples could be used.

LMan - Zero Fucks Capacitor

Zero Fucks Capacitor

8 July 2021

C64 classic techno track made in GoatTracker.

LMan - Misjudgement Day

Misjudgement Day

5 April 2021

Winning track of Revision 2021 Oldskool Music Competition.

This music runs on a stock Commodore 64 (8580 SID recommended), the filesize is 18kb.

LMan feat. Sunflower - Summer Of Love (Hot Vibes Mix)

Summer of Love (Hot Vibes Mix)

4 March 2021

Grab your cocktails, chill by the pool and enjoy this hot vibes remix of my 2016 Amiga mod Summer of Love.

Vocals by Natascha Klein aka Sunflower ❤️

LMan - RETURN issue 44: Back To The Future

RETURN 44: Back To The Future

26 February 2021

My Back To The Future themed cover artwork for RETURN issue 44.

Digital 3d / painting hybrid, prepared in Blender and painted in Krita.

LMan - RETURN issue 42: Ninja

RETURN 42: Ninja

25 August 2020

Ninja themed cover artwork for RETURN issue 42.

Digital painting made in Krita.

Sid Chip Club Completed

SID Chip Club album released

27 June 2020

In 2019, I've launched a kickstarter campaign to fund my c64 techno/house album for vinyl and cartridge. This week, the finished albums were sent to all backers.

LMan - New States Of Consciousness

New States Of Consciousness

18 June 2020

Vaporwave / Chillwave: missed the hype, but here it is. 😊

Heavily inspired by the 1996 track Street Knowledge by my friend Orion Deluxe (aka Second Face), basically this is a remake.

LMan   InSIDiots Unite

inSIDiots unite

9 June 2020

This house track is a sound demo for the inSIDious VSTi, the definitive SID chip emulator for your DAW. Mike Clarke, the programmer of the plugin, asked me to create patches for it, an honour I gladly accepted.