Music and realistic Portrait drawings

Welcome and enjoy your stay. My gallery features photorealistic colored pencil portraits of all kinds of interesting and beautiful people. The Music page contains my latest tracks.




LMan - Cyberbird
2 September 2020

Commodore 64 Pixel Artwork

16 predefined colors, 160x200 pixels

Released at Revision demoparty 2019

5th place oldschool graphics

SID Chip Club album released

Sid Chip Club Completed
27 June 2020

In 2019, I've launched a kickstarter campaign to fund my c64 techno/house album for vinyl and cartridge. This week, the finished albums were sent to all backers.

New States Of Consciousness

LMan - New States Of Consciousness
18 June 2020

Vaporwave / Chillwave: missed the hype, but here it is. 😊

Heavily inspired by the 1996 track Street Knowledge by my friend Orion Deluxe (aka Second Face), basically this is a remake.

inSIDiots unite

LMan   InSIDiots Unite
9 June 2020

This house track is a sound demo for the inSIDious VSTi, the definitive SID chip emulator for your DAW. Mike Clarke, the programmer of the plugin, asked me to create patches for it, an honour I gladly accepted.

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The SID Chip Club album

Kickstarter SID Chip Club

Vinyl LP kickstarter is now online! Techno and house programmed on a c64.

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