Natascha & Markus

Colored pencil drawing of my beautiful wife Natascha & me

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A3 sized Hahnemühle Fineart Sketch Paper

Ref photo by Natascha Klein Photography

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It's all right with me
as long as you are by my side

Talk or just say nothing
I don't mind, your looks never lie
- Natascha & Markus Klein


17/08/2014 19:52
Tolles Bild. Mal wieder hauen einen die Details um. Die Kleidung, die Kette, die Augen. Obwohl, eigentlich alles...

Aaaalle Daumen fliegen hoooooch :)

Wally Bungert
17/08/2014 23:54
Hallo Markus...das ist ganz ganz großartig....lass das bitte auf Stoff drucken und näht eine Tasche draus oder macht das als Gardine....das ist wunderbar

Markus Klein
22/09/2015 18:30
Ganz lieben Dank für euer Feedback, Wally und Marc!

07/08/2022 13:26
I have to admit , I was sure this was a photo before I looked closer! Not sure if I am intoxicated by the feeling of listening to the Evokeosaurus Rex remix which I have had on repeat for the last hour or so now, anyway - looking and listening to your art makes life so ridiculously full of pure joy! Thanks a bunch for making life so enjoyable!!! :)

Markus Klein
09/09/2022 10:40
@Waxhead, thanks so much for your wonderful feedback!

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