Natascha's Smile

Graphite drawing

Model: Natascha Klein

Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo pencils (HB, 8B)

A4 paper (8 x 12 inches)

This drawing was published in the official Faber-Castell Jumbo 9000 brochure.

Thank you so much for this wonderful portrait you've made of me!! - Natascha Klein

She's my muse, my love, my social media manager, and an all around wonderful person. Check out Natascha's stunning photography - Colorful, powerful, beautiful!


Yvonne Westphal
10/04/2013 16:51
Wow, when I opened this in my Newsletter, I thought "Oh, nice original photography. And where is Markus' drawing?" Superb, Markus!!
(Wow, als ich das im Newsletter geöffnet hab, dachte ich "Schönes Referenzfoto, und wo ist Markus' Zeichnung?")

10/04/2013 17:02
Endlich nochmal ein s/w-bild! was soll ich sagen? perfekt wie I_M_M_E_R. du bis ne bank.

Markus Klein
15/04/2013 09:55
:D Danke!!

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