Anneliese and Markus

This is a drawing of my dear mother Anneliese,

who passed away on the 8th of September 2012.

She was the kindest person ever. To everyone.


Everyone misses you so much.

Colored pencil drawing

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A4 sized creative paper (Hahnemühle 8 x 12")


Carl Swensen
08/09/2013 13:05
Marcus, sorry for your loss. A beautiful lady and your drawing shows the attention you have paid to her. Stay safe. Carl

Rosalino Bittencourt
08/09/2013 17:05
Congratulations, Markus. Your work is a masterpiece. Anneliese was a lady. I feel very proud that a day I have known her. Anneliese friendship crossed by several countries. She'll be forever in our hearts.


08/09/2013 18:56
Ein wundervolles Portrait von Eurer wundervollen Mutter. Wir können kaum glauben dass schon 12 Monate vergangen sind. Ich bin mir sicher, Sie freut sich riesig darüber.

Christel Marnett
09/09/2013 16:54
Hallo Markus,
ein wirklich ganz tolles Bild von deiner Mutter - ganz wie sie war.
Gruß Christel

19/09/2013 19:26
I was one of Anneliese's penfriends...I never knew how much I'd miss her...
Her sweet voice will always sound in my heart. May God rest her beautiful soul. Ich vermisse sie immer. Your painting is wonderful.

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