Colored pencil drawing

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A4 sized creative paper (Marpa Jansen 8 x 12")

Ref photo by Brian Ziff, used with kind permission.


Abongile Majeke
26/07/2013 22:10
Amaizing like your work man

Markus Klein
26/07/2013 22:26
Huge thanks, Abongile!! :)

26/07/2013 23:17
Love it Markus - nailed it again!

Markus Klein
27/07/2013 12:24
Thank you so much!!

Marc + Nadine
27/07/2013 15:50
we both love this drawing. it's a beautiful template and you did a fantastic job on this. outstanding how you drawed the jewelry'ish things.

Kat Ewing
27/07/2013 16:30
I never tire of viewing your Art. You are such an inspiration to me. You work wonders with colored pencils!

Markus Klein
04/09/2013 10:27
Huge thanks, Marc + Nadine and Kat!!

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