Lexy Hell

Colored pencil drawing

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A4 sized creative paper (Marpa Jansen 8 x 12")

Ref photo by Phil Meinwelt,

used with kind permission.

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Oh my god! How is it even possible to draw like this? I NEED to have a copy of this so I can frame it and put it up! Thanks so much! - Lexy Hell

Tattoo Model


Kat Ewing
05/10/2013 14:15
Your work is so amazing! Most of all, I love your use of color. Thank you for sharing.


Ashley Ogonda
07/10/2013 19:18
Feeling inspired! I envy your skill

31/10/2013 15:59
Colours. Details. Eyes. Hair. Skin. Hell of a drawing ;)

Markus Klein
21/11/2013 19:53
Thanks for your valued feedback,, Kast, Ahley and Marc!

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