Lish Jecinta

Colored pencil drawing

Ref photo by Maurice de Vries, used with kind permission.

MUA: Mirjam Van Wiggen

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A4 sized creative paper (Hahnemühle 8 x 12")

This drawing was featured in the Colored Pencil Magazine 12/2013 and the Hidden Treasures Art Magazine Yearbook 2014.

arrow_forwardSee how it was done - Work In Progress

Wow what a great talent you are! I really feel honoured that you use my potrait as a part of you art! I am a great fan of your work. - Lish Jecinta

Professional international art and photo model

Really and honestly… WOW… just amazing!! Love it!! Respect & a bow for you!!! - Maurice de Vries



31/10/2013 10:56
For non-Artist-People like me it's always helpful when the ref-pic is beautiful. I can't really see if the technique is perfect or something, but i can see if i am emotionally realated to the picture. And wow, this one is an awesome piece of art. so damn colorful. Chapeau! *nm*

Markus Klein
21/11/2013 19:52
Thanks Marc for your kind words!!

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