Miri Be

Colored pencil drawing

Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

A4 (8 x 12") Hahnemühle Fineart Sketch Paper

Ref photo by Martin Strauß Photography

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Dale Lysle
21/09/2015 06:46
This is amazing. I love your outstanding work. Never disappointed!!!!!

Markus Klein
21/09/2015 06:50
Thank you Dale, very kind of you!

21/09/2015 08:28
Sehr schönes Foto, und eine perfekte Umsetzung.

21/09/2015 08:32
ich muss mich verbessern. die Zeichnung zieht meine Interesse um ein vielfaches mehr an, als das Originalfoto.

Kat Ewing
21/09/2015 14:36
Like Dale, I am never disappointed in your outstanding work. I am also a color pencil artist and you are such an inspiration!

Markus Klein
22/09/2015 18:28
Thank you very much, Marc! And thank you Kat, it's awesome that my work inspires you!

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