Blade Runner Main Titles (Stereo SID)

Released by LMan / MultiStyle Labs

This is a straight cover version of Vangelis' awesome Blade Runner Main Titles music, playable on a modified Commodore 64 with 2 sound chips.


Commissioned for Project Sidologie.


Tool: CheeseCutter.

Use 2 x 8580 SID, 2nd SID chip at $D420


For the mp3 labelled post processed, I sent the SID recording through a stereo imager and a reverb machine.



Blade Runner


LMan - Blade Runner Main Titles
LMan - Blade Runner Main Titles (post processed)


15/09/2015 16:27
This is outstanding!!! I'm blown away

Markus Klein
16/09/2015 06:48
Thank you Uctumi, glad you like it!

Henrik Sundberg / Fajser / Interdictor
08/10/2015 17:47
Wow! That was extremely impressive! One of the best versions of one of the best tunes out there.

Markus Klein
08/10/2015 18:33
Thank you for the kind words Henrik, I appreciate this very much!

08/10/2015 23:49
This was mindblowing. I'm at a lack for words.

Markus Klein
12/10/2015 06:41
Wow thanks Mike!!

The Other Days
09/10/2017 17:16
Thank you so much for this high-quality interpretation of the intro theme.
SID proves once again to be a versatile chip that nicely comes across time.
Cheers from Paris!
The Other Days.

11/10/2018 23:03
Oh no you didn't, you sick puppy..... CS-80 on the SID

I stand in awe.

Markus Klein
12/10/2018 00:31
Hahaha that's a fantastic compliment RaveGuru!

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