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Hi Fi Sky

Released by LMan / MultiStyle Labs

In this song, you are listening to 2 SID channels plus 3 digi channels. It was created simultaneously on several cross platform tools:

  • Propellerhead Reason for sound and chord design
  • Audacity to chop samples
  • CheeseCutter for SID composing
  • OpenMPT for more Sample editing and the sample based composing, using the MOD format
  • THCM's Oxymod tool to combine them both into a c64 executable

The CheeseCutter SID plays on voice 1 and 2, while voice 3 is reserved for the sample output. The SID part also controls the filter frequency for the combined sample tracks, so the tricky bit is to create a SID tune and a MOD tune, which harmonize perfectly when played together synchronously.



Hi Fi Sky


Recorded from a real c64 by Xiny6581

LMan - Hi Fi Sky



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03/09/2017 17:40
Great work..all sid songs is very awesome. c64 rulez. jusu from finland.

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