My Life

This track scored #3 at the X'2018 music competition.

Runs on an unmodified Commodore 64 with the 8580 soundchip.

Composed by LMan, Vocals by Sunflower, Code by THCM


The song contains several novelties for a c64 tune, the most obvious being the vocals, the other one being a trick to simulate more channels than are actually available.



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Mattias Wikmaniac
22/07/2019 11:48
Dude! Talk about a crazy tune for being on C64!! Great work!

21/08/2019 16:06
Unglaublich. Hab die MP3 gehört und dachte, geht nicht! Oder: nur auf einer super verbastelten Maschine.
Aber: Dein .prg auf meiner vanilla Kiste laufen lassen.

Genial !
Genial !
Genial !

Markus Klein
04/09/2019 12:29
@Matthias and @Lahark MANY thanks for your kind words, very much appreciated!!

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