Rastaline Dub

by LMan / MultiStyle Labs, featuring a real time magic voodoo echo engine coded by THCM

1st place at X'2016 music competition!

Loud up di ting an bill bak, zeen?



Recorded from real c64 by Xiny6581


Marc Büsch
01/11/2016 14:53
Wattabomb. Juss one ting tads missin: da jamaican wedda!

Congrats Man!

Klaus Nümm
01/11/2016 21:41
Top! Gratulation zum ersten Platz!

PS: Wird Zeit für ein Klassentreffen!

04/11/2016 17:19
great stuff

10/11/2016 13:46
This is awesome! Had to leave a comment here after stumbling across this song on YouTube. Wish I kept my 8580 model c64.

Markus Klein
17/11/2016 14:53
Danke / Thanks for all those kind messages, Marc, Klaus, Jok and Shane!!

19/08/2018 00:19
hey, I downloaded the sid version to check for real if the audio was from an unmodified C64 but everytime I try to play it says invalid file or unavailable codec; any other sid tune I can play without problems; I wonder if this song is not a digitized one by some special hardware....

05/10/2018 22:33
@Juan: sidplayfp on linux plays the sid just fine. It sounds awesome. you can also run the prg in a 64 emulator such as vice

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