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Making-of video of the Rihanna drawing Umbrella in colored pencils.

Video shot by https://www.facebook.com/NMKleinPhotography

Music: LMan & Sunflower - Don't Leave Me Baby

Mike Dook
28/11/2013 00:27
Hi, I was wondering what is the best paper to use and colored pencils? Also, do you use a liquid blender so that the pencils will blend?

Markus Klein
29/11/2013 00:13
Hi Mike, I have made good experiences with Hahnemühle papers. Try to get a hold of a sample book, where you can test various papers. I use watercolor pencils for the underpainting, which I blend with water. But only the underpainting. The rest is achieved by layering.

28/10/2017 15:18
Einfach nur bewundernswert .. Super!

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