SID Chip Club album released

In 2019, I've launched a kickstarter campaign to fund my c64 techno/house album for vinyl and cartridge. This week, the finished albums were sent to all backers.


Since the finished cartridges have arrived last saturday, Natascha and me have worked tirelessly in the after-work hours, every day until late at night, to get the parcels out. Some of you have already received it, it's a joy that you're sharing your pictures and videos! To everyone else we're pleased to say that this afternoon, we handed over the last bunch of packages to the post office, so yours are on the way.


Each was packed with care and love for a safe voyage, with Natascha putting SSC stickers and flyers inside, and stuck to the outside too.


Shop is open

If you have friends who might like this project, the vinyl and cartridges are still available through my web shop:

The cartridges will soon be available from RGCD, too.


Of course, I wouldn't have been able to pull it off all alone, so here are some big thank yous!

  • Natascha aka Sunflower: for supporting and encouraging my crazy projects in every possible way, keeping track of things, sitting through the nights packing boxes, driving parcels to the post office, documenting the process, reminding me of important things, taking care of my social media and doing it all with love
  • Uwe aka THCM: for coding the genius sample player engine, as well as the cartridge software, including tweaking the visuals and graphics, with mindbending RAM and cycle management to make the impossible possible.
  • Christian aka SID Spieler: his own vinyl project inspired me to start this one. Also for enduring my weeks of nagging and pushing until he finally found a combination of hardware setup, SID chip, and recording method, that would enable us to get crystal-clear, noise free recordings of the tunes.
  • Tom Detert: for spontaneously agreeing to use his long-honed, professional skills as an audio engineer, to do the mastering for the vinyl and digital releases.
  • James of RGCD: for investing a lot of time and energy into finding the suitable cartridge platform, labels and packing, that would result in a stylish but affordable product. Also for spending his weekends flashing all of them. That was awesome.
  • Gideon of Ultimate 64: for supplying us with Ultimate boards and trying to solve the noise problems by improving its firmware
  • Further thank yous: Tim Wright, Koen De Brabander, RETURN magazine, SLAY Radio, C64Audio.com, SceneSat, Nerdwelten and Brotkastenfreunde, for supporting and spreading the word. Also to Quippy, SounDemon, Mahoney, Mixer, Ninja, Fanta, Magnar and HJE for contributing to THCMod. To Prowler, Antonio, Faker, for technical expertise and supplemental software. DHS, BMan, Orion Deluxe, HKL and Teo for complementing the digital album with their amazing remixes. Furthermore to the guys at the duophonic pressing plant for a very smooth experience, and everyone I forgot…


Last but not least a HUGE THANKS to all backers and buyers of my music, you're acknowledging that art and music has a value. Thank you so much for your trust, you’ve made this project possible!

Enjoy and see you around!

Markus / LMan

Sid Chip Club Completed



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Original promotional video for the campaign

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