Could be Cool

Released at Revision 2018 Party, Saarbrücken

by LMan (Censor Design / MultiStyle Labs)

My entry for the oldschool music competition. 😊

Runs on a factory c64 with the 8580 SID chip. Tools used: Cheesecutter, Inkscape, Pixcen






Jeroen Tel
02/04/2018 16:05
Bloody brilliant. When you visit me in NL (if I still live there) I will take you to a very special place where the Coca Cola logo is stored in a forest. (Couldn't believe it when I firs saw it!) Logo's can surely go a long way... Nice t00nage, my dear friend!

Markus Klein
08/04/2018 13:04
Thanks Jeroen, sounds awesome!

21/04/2018 22:13
Habe ich auf der Revision gehört und finde den Track einfach nur geil! Wollte ich einmal loswerden! ;-)

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