LMan - inSIDiots Unite

The sound of 19 SID chips

This house track is a sound demo for the inSIDious VSTi, the definitive SID chip emulator for your DAW. Mike Clarke, the programmer of the plugin, asked me to create patches for it, an honour I gladly accepted. To test the patches, I've made this tune. Each sound uses one instance of inSIDious (19 in total, equalling 19 SID chips), no other instruments were used!


Seriously if you want authentic SID sound in your production without the hassle of programming tunes for real C64, inSIDious is the only choice. Mike understood what makes the sound special, and implemented this in an easy-to-use softsynth. (He also came up with inSIDiots for us patch programmers, lol). inSIDious requires Reaktor, or the free Reaktor Player.


All sounds used in this track will be shipped with the standard inSIDious sound bank.


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