La Mer

Released at Evoke 2019 Party, Cologne, Streaming Music competition.


  • Runs on stock c64 with new chip
  • 16kb file size
  • No post processing except normalizer


The idea was: how does a c64 house track fare against modern music in a tough competition from the demoscene's most talented? The answer is: a respectable 7th place!


A longer version of this track will be released on my album "SID Chip Club". Enjoy!



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Absolutely amazing tune. (…) I was coordinator of the mp3 compo preselection team. And with this tune, I forgot to read the submission comments, so me as well as the jury members did NOT know that this is a SID tune. We enjoyed it a lot, assuming that this is just a really well-done, but conventionally-produced techno tune. My jaw dropped when i saw the slide while running the compo. -Dipswitch (evoke orga)

I had run it on real machine to believe it's really a c64 playing. Amazing sounds! Great tune! -Carrion (pixel wizard)


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