Work in Progress: Evilla D Ark

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WIP photos were shot by Natascha Klein Photography.


Carl Swensen
22/02/2014 19:21
Hi Markus,

Are the pencils laying on the Evilla Ark the colors you used to complete the drawing? I want to try it, but not sure of the colors.

Thanks a bunch.
Elgin, Illinois

Markus Klein
22/02/2014 19:38
Hi Carl,

I used all sorts of colors, really. I used those visible on the photo a lot, though. :)

Kind regards

23/02/2014 03:39
Hi Markus,
Your work is amazing! I love doing portraits, mainly in graphite but I do use polychromos as well. Your attention to detail is what I like the most, but I also love the way you blend. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work!

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